[ZIP] The Glitch Mob – Revisions (2021)

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[ZIP] The Glitch Mob – Revisions (2021)

Artist: The Glitch Mob
Album Title: Revisions
Year of Album: 2021
Genre: Electronic
Format: MP3 320 Kbps
[Zip – Rar] Size: 208 Mb

01 – Animus Vox X How Do I Get to Invincible (revision) (feat. Ambr‚)
02 – Take Me with You (Remix) X We Can Make the World Stop (revision) (feat. Arama)
03 – We Swarm X Skytoucher X Emerald (revision) (feat. Monuman)
04 – A Dream Within a Dream X Carry the Sun X I Need My Memory Back (revision) (feat. Aja Volkman)
05 – You Need (revision) (feat. edIT)
06 – Skullclub (Remix) X Bad Wings (revision)
07 – Bad Wings X Skullclub (revision)
08 – Between Two Points X Our Demons (revision) (feat. Aja Volkman, Swan & edIT)
09 – Our Demons X I Could Be Anything (revision) (feat. Aja Volkman & ELOHIM)
10 – I Could Be Anything X Mind of a Beast (Remix) (revision) (feat. ELOHIM)
11 – Chemicals X Iso Ballin’ (revision) (feat. edIT)
12 – The Stance (revision)
13 – How Could This Be Wrong X Fistful of Silence (Remix) (revision) (feat. Tula)
14 – Fistful of Silence X How Could This Be Wrong X Enter Formless (revision) (feat. Tula & Rituals of Mine)
15 – Enter Formless (Remix) X Dream Mentor (revision) (feat. Rituals of Mine & Imanu)
16 – Our Demons (Remix) X Drive It Like You Stole It X Analog (revision) (feat. Aja Volkman & Misanthrop)
17 – Come Closer X Disintegrate Slowly (revision)
18 – Better Hide Better Run X Lazer Vision (revision) (feat. Mark Johns & ZEKE BEATS)
19 – How To Be Eaten By A Woman (revision)
20 – Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul X Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (revision) (feat. Sister Crayon)
21 – Fortune Days X We Can Make the World Stop (revision)
22 – We Can Make the World Stop (revision)
23 – Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul (Remix) (revision) (feat. Superposition)

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